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POP Desk With Retro Handset

The POP Desk from Native Union comes with an original retro handset and a cleverly designed stand to hold your mobile or smartphone while it’s plugged into the handset. Why on earth, you may ask, would you need to combine a state-of-art smartphone with a retro handset? For starters, it safeguards your brains from being addled by eliminating 99% of the radiation you absorb when you hold mobile phones up to your ear. Secondly, using this handset provides you with mobility within your house even when the smartphone is being charged or synced. Third, the stand and handset combination is ideal for high quality noise-free VOIP communication on Skype and other videoconferencing services. Oh, and the handset can be connected to applications such as Skype on your tablets, laptops and desktops too.